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“Metagrid has become such an important part of my work flow that without it, I’m not sure I’d be able to do the things that I need to do on a daily basis. Whether it’s a film for the Hallmark Channel or a Disney project, Metagrid is a part of the process. It’s rock solid, never fails as a software application and the fact that I can customize it to my workflow and needs makes it a perfect controller. Thanks for all of your hard work to make mine easier.”

- Rob Pottorf
film composer (

"Using Metagrid is a fundamental aspect of how I maintain fast, and near impossible deadlines for composing and producing music. Like remembering fingering positions on a piano, I've remembered my custom metagrid layout so without having to focus my eyes on the Metagrid screen I can concentrate on producing fast and fluid music with my DAW. Metagrid is an essential component for any serious composer or producer looking to take their setup and their experience to the next level whilst shaving off precious time you can't possibly save with keyboard and mouse alone."

- Dillon M. DeRosa
film composer (

"Metagrid has completely changed my workflow. I use it on Dual iPads and with Cubase of which I am controlling a 2400 track template (and counting) not forgetting using it for many Midi and Audio editing features. With the touch of one button I can navigate around many tracks and it suddenly makes a massive template manageable. Want to show just 1 Violin Track and hide everything else? No problem. Want to see specific tracks in Project window or mixconsole? No problem. It's easy to use, looks fantastic and always being updated with new features. The devs are great and looking forward to seeing what happens with MG in the future. Here is an entire Tutorial on how I use Metagrid to control a Cubase Template..."

- Luke Johnson
film composer