February 10th, 2018

====== NEW ======
- support for custom actions in Reaper (no dedicated viewset is available yet)
- now you can create actions sending text in your native language (depending on your keyboard settings on your computer)
- new circle/square alphanumeric icons (from 0 to 127)

====== IMPROVEMENTS ======
- now you can hide/show scene bar with swipe down/up gestures and go to next/previous scene with swipe left/right gestures
- new MIDI actions are created with value set to 127 instead of 0
- keyboard shortcuts are now properly registered for different language specific keyboard settings

====== BUG FIXES ======
- Cubase timestamp issue - now MIDI events are correctly placed on timeline in Cubase.
- complex key combos with multiple modifiers are now properly registered in Cubase and Ableton Live on Windows